Winry Rockbell
Automail Extraordinaire
"Hello! I'm Winry Rockbell, specialist in bio-mechanical engineering and owner of the finest automail shop in Resembool! How can I help you?"

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Time to Face the Music… || @winnyrockbell


As she shifted back in his arms, Ed couldn’t help but look down at her. His first flashing thought was that he had done something wrong, said something wrong… but then he saw ‘that look’ in her eyes. He KNEW that look, knew it well too. Some idea had gone through her mind and he wasn’t sure if he should be more worried because of that. But he would keep his attention on her, listen to ever bit that she said but as she put the idea out there, Ed couldn’t help but quirk a brow a bit. She wanted to open her own place? 

"Not that I’m against that WIn, but… I just… I always thought you WANTED to stay here and take it over. When did that change?" he questioned. Part of him was afraid that she was saying this because of the decision he’d made and he didn’t want her giving up this place if it wasn’t she really wanted. "I mean, if it’s what you REALLY want then you know I’m all for it… I mean, I think it’s a great idea…"

He was stammering again… Just really didn’t know what to think about this idea yet. But then he shook his head and closed his eyes getting his thoughts together properly. Opening them again Ed met hers once more. “You know what… if that’s what you want Winry, you know I’m with you okay? We can talk about the best place for this to happen and once you’ve decided… I’ll ask for a transfer wherever I need to. The military knows they owe me and like I said, I have better arrangements with them now. If your own shop is what you want then I’ll help you do it…”

She smiled, drinking him in with her eyes as he ran the idea through his head multiple times. “I’ve actually thought about it before…” she began, tilting her head and gazing tot he left as she recalled the few sleepless nights she spent deep in thought about her future.

"I think… I think that in respect for Granny’s wish for a peaceful retirement, and to avoid competition again Garfiel… I think we could find a place in Central. A place just like this," she nodded, gesturing to the house they stood in, "An automail shop below and a home above…"  

Her voice trailed off, not sure where they stood on one important point. Of course she wanted to live with Ed; not just in her life, but in her home.

Their home.

But moving in together was a big step. She wasn’t explicitly confident that Ed shared her sentiment… Maybe he wasn’t ready… Maybe he’d never be ready. Hell, he was such a weird guy, sometimes she couldn’t say for certain what was going on in his mind.

She blinked a few times. Damn… she really disliked when her mind would go there. It always left a sour taste in her mouth and a dark sinking feeling in her heart.

And she hated it, but she always feared that someday he would see her in a different light… that he wouldn’t love her anymore.

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"How Did You Get In Here?" || Modern/Mermaid AU || @winnyrockbell


Seeing this intruder start to bob back below the surface, he raised his gun more but before he could say or do anything more, they were back above the surface and starting to turn to look at him. That was when the Petty Officer finally realized he was dealing with a female. Sharp, golden eyes were taking in every detail they could… and it struck him a bit odd that she was there with her hair just floating around. Maybe a swimmer that got lost, but even they usually tied their hair somehow, especially if it was as long as this woman’s was. 

As she turned more though, he realized that she was topless. The realization had his face slightly red but he didn’t move from his spot. Well she had at least understood turn around or maybe he’d just gotten a lucky break since that was about the only instruction she followed, opting to cover herself and not put her hands on the dock’s edge as he’d asked her to do. Maybe she was one of those nudists from that commune a bit further up the shore. There were a lot of foreign types that were living there… but they usually knew better than to wonder down this far and they were HARDLY modest. So what was this woman’s deal?

Taking a few tentative steps towards the edge of the dock, his riffle still poised, Ed finally noticed that this woman was clearly scared. That could be a good thing or a bad one. Either she would cooperate easily once he could find out what language she spoke (and get someone down here that could hopefully speak whatever language that was) or she would panic and that was the last thing he wanted. “I’m going to ask you again, Miss, put your hands on the dock and tell me who you are,” he repeated, albeit a touch slower. “I don’t want to hurt you, but you’re not supposed to be here.”

As the man took a step forward, Winry’s instincts jolted through her thick-headed curiosity, causing her to backpedal in the water in an attempt to put more distance between them. As she did so, however, the thrust of her tail was greater than she anticipated (overshooting the necessary strength in her panic) and her tail surface briefly in front of her.

Light blue scales skimmed the surface of the water, reflecting a shimmering green as the sun danced across the wet surface. Her ocean blue eyes grew wide with the realization that she had just outed herself to a human and she became frenzied. Removing her hands from her breasts, she quickly grabbed onto the dock, but not the end he had requested. No, she bolted to the nearest leg, hiding herself behind the large wooden column and peeking out only to make sure he was not pouncing into the water after her like she expected.

Sun bleached brows knit together as obvious worry swirled in her eyes, clear as the water she swam in.

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Winry and sexuality;

Up until early adulthood, Winry had never given her sexuality much thought. Frankly, she figured she would be so busy with work that she wouldn’t have time for a significant other anyway. She always knew she liked boys, even developing a few crushes that never amounted to much.

The first time she felt something for a girl, she was confused and a little scared. She never considered being attracted to girls, but growing up around two rambunctious boys, she never got the chance to find out.

Her fear soon passed as she came to realize that love tends to happen, regardless of “rules” or “norms”. Winry hasn’t (and probably never will) put a label on herself, rather, she just goes with the flow and lets life play out how it will.

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Winry and drinking;

While Winry doesn’t feel the need to drink, she doesn’t really mind having something to sip on to relax her when she has a particularly mind-pounding blueprint or project to work on. 

She found better ways to deal with the stress and heartbreak of loosing her parents so alcohol and drugs never appealed to her in that sense.

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There really isn’t any discomfort in being around Winry for Kitty. The mechanic really does have such a sweet attitude that Kitty finds she really needs to be around more, but she’s grateful to see that Winry isn’t afraid to speak her mind and stand up for what’s right-that’s also quite influencing. However, there’s something about these traits in Winry that’s rather strong upon Kitty-making her one of the few people Kitty would admit to slowly finding even more and more attractive by the day, mainly emotionally but also physically. (she actually finds it a secret turn on when she finds Winry in her work outfit and covered in a bit of grease if only out of strong admiration for her dedication but blah blah blah B) )

She hopes they become closer and closer, and just possibly, she’ll get to hold Winry’s hands again……

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//Winry has very mixed (very flustered) feelings about this lineup.

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"Although I could contest with you over the definition of ‘ordinary’," Kimbley began with a snide smirk, "I can’t say I completely disagree. If by ‘ordinary’ you mean quite common, and therefore of little value, then you would be right."

Yet again, he patted her on the head.

Oh dear, he found Miss Blondie far too fun to play with.

"But then again, I suppose we’re all decaying, one day at a time, what value we may have decreasing by the second," he commented blandly. "Some quicker than others, and some in a more interesting fashion.

"But in the end, we are all made up of the same, ordinary human parts.”

It amazed her how every little thing he said made her feel like shit. She would think that he practiced putting people down every spare second, but Kimbley had made it painfully obvious that such was simply his nature.

And what a charming nature it was.

Her face held the remnants of disgust as he spoke of death and decay. “I know by now that you’re a realist… but do you have to be so pessimistic about it?” It was more of a thought that slipped into her voice, but she said it all the same.



channeling my inner Asuka

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Riza Hawkeye is one of the most inspiring and influential people Winry has ever met. Since she was young, Winry has had role models that have taught her to be strong, persevere, and never give up. Starting with her mother, and soon to follow, her grandmother, she has learned to stand by what you believe in. But when she met Riza she finally saw it first hand.

This beautiful, strong, brave woman taught her to fight for the ones she loves, and for that, Winry will always have the utmost respect and adoration for Miss Riza Hawkeye.